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Professional callus care product for mildly dry to thick callused skin of the feet

There are many callus-softening products in the beauty industry; however, many are acid-based and can affect the integrity of good skin. If they aren’t acid-based, they are usage-specific. They are either used for mildly dry skin or thick callused skin as a treatment or solution. The processing time varies from tvo to 15 minutes. However, sa’SHá (sa-shay) is a safe callus softening product that is versatile, cost-effective and time-saving. It can be used on all types of Skin, including sensitive skin, and is proven to be effective

Foot Callus Softener that is safe for diabetic and Doctor cleared Oncology clients

Sa’SHA can be used for various purposes. For mildly dry skin, it is effective in just 10 seconds. It can be used as a remedy in just four minutes for thick, callused skin. Additionally, it can also be used as a cuticle softener. Centre for Beauty introduced the products in June at the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando, Florida, and has received rave customer reviews.

When it comes to beauty products, salon quality is often the best quality. This is because products made specifically for salons are designed to meet professional standards. They are also subject to stricter quality control measures. As a result, salon-quality products tend to be more effective and longer lasting than those made for the general market. For these reasons, CJ Murray, President of Centre for Beauty, has made it her mission to make products specifically for salon professionals. By doing so, she ensures her customers always have access to the best possible products.

Put the pretty back in feet

Our callus softening product was initially intended to be used as a callus remedy service.
However, we quickly discovered it has multi-purposes

Effective for mild to dry calluses within 10 seconds

Effective for safe reduction and cleaning of thickened nails caused by age or damage

Effective for thick, callused skin as a remedy service within 4 minutes

Effective instantly on the cuticles


Not necessarily, however if using by itself we would recommend a rinse.

sa’SHá has less than 5% urea. We encourage you to visit our blog and read the article titled “Do percentages matter?””

Yes, sa’SHá is safe for the diabetic client, sensitive skin, Oncology care client. However, we always recommend Dr. approval if unsure and/or a test area. There are always extenuating circumstances or mitigating factors which is why it is important to do a full, complete consultation both written and verbally. In addition, if at anytime your client should feel discomfort, wash with soap and water immediately.

If you read our blog “Do percentages matter?” you will have a better understanding of what makes products effective. In addition, the fewer the ingredients, the best it is to prevent allergies.

At this point, we have seen no contraindications with any foot care brands.

Our dermatology testing report indicates there are no sensitivity issues. However, we always recommend a test area and a disclaimer. You can download our report here.

Introduced in June 2022 at

What our clients have to say

Jerri T.
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"This is MAGIC! Very little product needed, very little wait time, and practically no effort needed with the Angel Feet file. The callus literally melts off. Cannot wait to share this with my pedi clients. It's the new standard by which all callus removers should be measuted and is just in time for summer!"
Paula A.
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"This product is a game changer... and a forearm saver. I never thought a product would deliver more than it promised. CJ KNOCKED it out of the park!"
Maribel R.
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"I Finally found a product that is not only the best for my clients, but is also cost effective and makes my life easier. sa'SHá is a hidden gem, with a very little amount of product and NO waiting time the results are amazing!!! My clients love the way their feet look and feel! It's not only a time saver and is also a great way to please my clients and solve their callus problems. Simply in love with sa'SHá!"
Jordan L.
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"Finding sa'SHá has been a huge deal as it's changed the way we do pedicures at my salon. This callus treatment really gets the job done within minutes, cutting my service time in half. A couple of minutes after sa'SHá is applied, you can easily file off any dead skin and smooth down the callus. Hands down my go to for every pedicure!"
Vicki T
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Sa'SHá callus care is Ahh...mazing!! My spa regularly serves clients needing major callus help. Easy, efficient application and real results quickly!

About CJ

The creation of Centre for Beauty evolved around the passion CJ has for Education and helping others grow and achieve their dreams. Since 1987 CJ has owned and operated a Full Service Salon/Spa and has educated for some of the top lines in our Beauty Industry. When CJ was National Sales Director for Footlogix, she confirmed what she already knew… The Nail Technician is always treated like the low man on the totem pole. This confirmation brought her to sell her Salon in 2009 and build a Salon Supply Distribution business promoting Education about Feet. She had one mission in mind. “Provide the Nail Technician the Education, the Attention and the Support they need to safely and properly service their clients”. CJ is a licensed Nail Technician, with training in Advanced Pedicuring through the North American School of Podology and the Medi-Nails learning program. In 2019 she became Oncology Trained in an effort to bring Oncology care into the Pedicure area via Oncology Spa Solutions.

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This disclaimer applies to sa’SHá callus care product. CJ’s Centre for Beauty, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any adverse outcomes the end user might experience. If you are uncertain about possible sensitivity, always do a patch test before use or consult with a healthcare professional.